Adding Contacts to an Email Campaign

There are two ways to add contacts to your Email Campaigns.


Via Organisation


If you wish to add all contacts from particular organisations to your campaign, head over to the Organisations module. If you have filtered your organisations select the list you wish to include in your campaign from the side menu. We’ll use an industry filter of Online Media for this example.



Select the organisations you wish to add into your campaign by ticking the checkbox


If you wish to select all of the organisations in the filter select the checkbox in the header bar 


If you have more than 100 organisations in your filter and wish to add them all an option will appear at the top of the screen

click this to select them all.


Once you have done this click the Assign to Campaigns button


You’ll then be presented with this pop-up:



Select your campaign from the drop down menu and click Assign



You’ll now see that the Email Campaign field is populated with this campaign name



If you head back to the Email Campaign you’ll see that there are now organisations and contacts listed under the respective headers 


Via Contacts


If you only wish to add certain contacts to an email campaign head over to the Contacts module and follow the process above. If you choose this option to add in your contacts, the organisation will not show against the campaign.


Please Note


  • A contact or organisation can only be in one email campaign at a time.
  • Only contacts who have not Unsubscribed from email marketing will be added into the campaign
  • If an email has previously bounced the contact will not be added to the campaign unless their email address has changed.
  • Contacts will remain in the email campaign if they unsubscribe via an email that has been sent, they will not receive anymore emails. This is to assist in tracking which email campaign they unsubscribed from.


To remove contacts from email campaigns

Contacts will be automatically removed from email campaigns upon the final email sending, however you are able to manually remove a contact from the campaign by unlinking their record. To do this head to your email campaign and find the contact you wish to remove in the contacts list. Click the broken chain icon next to their name


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