Automated Outreach

Touch base with your pipeline using automated triggers, without any human intervention.

Logical Follow-Ups

Trigger automated post-call activities to follow-up with prospects in the right way.

Data Maintenance

Retain the integrity and value of your marketing data set by strict data entry and filtering controls.

Scripts & Tracks

Empower your sales team with dynamic on-screen call scripts and paths to improve engagement.

A cohesive ecosystem for all of your customers and prospects that helps you win more business.

Sales Outreach

Propel your prospecting.

Ramp-up not only the volume of new prospects engaged by your sales team, but the quality of engagement too. On-screen workflows provide your team with a script personalised to that prospect, with automated follow-up actions based on the outcome of each individual prospect conversation.

Personalised, at-scale

On-screen scripts that alter dynamically to each prospect, which are based on custom parameters.

Automated follow-ups

Never let a lead slip through the cracks again, with automated post-call activities, such as callback setting and transactional email sending.

Easy data entry

Cut admin time and margin for error by collecting data from your sales team within the logical step-by-step workflow as they engage prospects.

Zero wrap-up time

Kill the need for your sales team’s admin wrap-up time after each call.

Opportunity Management

Lock-on to your opportunities.

Manage the flight path of your opportunities like never before with automated activity triggers, combined with fast and straight-forward opportunity administration.

Track activity

Seamlessly log update notes and track activity dates – always setting a next step follow-up action.


Prompt your team via email notifications to ensure no opportunity ever falls through the cracks.

Track wins & losses

Review your successes and failures by accurately recording when, why and how you won or lost business.

Automated steps

Trigger automatic follow-up actions such as emails or phone calls based on your custom parameters.

Workflow Process Lifecycle

From lead to invoice, your processes automated.

Structure and automate your full business workflow lifecycle from generating a sales lead, through closing an opportunity into an active service or project, to invoice.

Sales > Service

Overcome the age old challenge of transitioning new customers from the sales team to one being actively serviced by automating the steps.

Admin, solved

Remove the margin for human error and poor administration by systemised prompts that collect the right information, from the right person at the right time.

Right every time

Templated projects with the right structure of tasks will avoid any step of your process from being missed.

Account Management

Be ahead of your customers.

A good account manager needs a good CRM to keep them ahead of their customers. By automating repetitive touchpoints and with in-built activity triggers, your customers will be blown away by your level of service.

Touchpoint tracker

Never miss getting in touch with your customers at a regular frequency. With all your emails, calls and other engagements logged centrally in RADAR CRM, you can easily track and be prompted when to get back in touch with your customers.

Action triggers

If your customer’s record falls into certain parameters that you have defined, you can automate specific follow-up actions.

Time management

Combined with our Projects module, you can track and manage the time delivered to your customers. Helping you control your delivery and maintain profitability.

A CRM actually built to the way you need to work…

…and not the other way around.

Almost all CRM systems offer little in the way of personalisation to your workflow processes – forcing you to compromise how you work. RADAR CRM has a number of built-in steps that can be customised to your business practices, in addition to other custom-built workflow automation processes that our team will build for you as a part of our ‘business process mapping’ service at onboarding.

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Control all of your leads and opportunities.

Sales pipelines

Get your leads in order and your opportunities on-track with easy multiple filter lists and custom fields.

Opportunities / Deals

Track the value of your opportunities, win probabilities, follow-up dates, action log and pipeline stages.

Visual sorting

Sort, filter and sift through your opportunities by any one of a number of fields to help you work your deals in the way that suits you best.

Custom fields

On top of the existing comprehensive fields, you can further track and manage your opportunities by applying custom fields.

Organisation Filter
Web Form
Web forms

Capture leads and enquiries straight into RADAR CRM from your website with customisable web forms.

Auto assignment

Automatically capture and create leads from your web forms, which are then assigned among your team.

Any data you need

Capture and process any & all forms of data you need, with automated workflow processing to act on the form inputs immediately after collecting data from your web forms.

CSS styling

Personalised the embedded web form on your website in your brand colours and styling.

Looking to put your content marketing on autopilot?

Data fields

Keep your data ordered and well structured with strict data entry and management protocols.

Automated actions

Automatically trigger background actions based on system inputs, cutting manual administration.

Dynamic fields

Pop-out important information to your team via on-screen notifications or by embedding dynamic custom fields within the on-screen calling script pop-up.

Required fields

Stop your team from progressing any further in the process until all required fields are complete.

Import & de-duplication

The powerful import wizard will help you match-up fields and avoid importing duplicate records.

CSV Import

Easily import data records on-mass via a .csv spreadsheet file.


The system will cleverly match columns in your data import by field name, but you can easily match-up any column to the corresponding field as you see fit.

Duplication handling

Identify and choose how to act on duplicate records on an import by import basis.

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Want to offer your customers a first-class level of service?

Most other systems are missing fundamental features. How is RADAR different?


Find most systems miss a fully joined-up approach? Letting opportunities slip through the cracks?


With RADAR, we took a rigid approach; building automated process steps to suit your business workflow. The integrity of your data and business processes are maintained, RADAR CRM controls the order, format and steps taken by your users when inputting data – whether updating a sales opportunity, creating a new project or logging time against a task.


Confused or frustrated by the cost or sheer complexity of some CRMs pricing models?


We were too. So we decided to take a straight-forward, flexible model based on the number of people you need to access a CRM. Each of our plans allow you and your team access to all of the features and functionality of our CRM, without any hidden surprises or restrictions.


Stuck working the way your CRM provider decided you should work? Don’t let your system hold you back.


RADAR has been built to work around you. During your onboarding process, our team will map and custom build workflow automation to your business process. Whether that’s for sales, projects or service ticketing – you are able to collect, store, manage and trigger activities from your data in a way that suits.

Data Integrity

Very frustrating when your data always ends up in a mess, isn’t it? Most systems won’t help.


We feel your pain! To maintain the integrity of your data set, whether that’s fields of contact information or the status of a task for example, you can dictate how data is input, in which order and dynamically change the options presented to your users based on their prior inputs. Keeping your data clean, organised and valuable.

Fly your business on course with the help of RADAR CRM.

See how RADAR can be tailored to your business.

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