Financial Services: Don’t miss out on automation

Automating administrative or system processes within the day to day workflow of your business once sounded like science fiction, but in this digital age it is entirely possible and accessible with the support of the right systems.

Why should automation be important to you?


  1. Hours and hours of wasted time – As humans we hate doing the same thing twice – the frustration of wasting time on repetitive manual tasks – whether that’s data entry, compiling reports or cross-updating records between different systems, that time could be better spent elsewhere delivering more value to the business.

  2. Duplicate or inaccurate data – With repetitive manual administration comes an increase in accidental human error. The more you do manually, the greater risk you carry for having duplicate or inaccurate data across your business systems.

  3. Out of date – Your data points and different software applications are likely out of sync if reliant on human intervention to constantly keep them up to date and bridge the gaps.

  4. Process deviation – Processes are always open to interpretation or misunderstanding when entirely in the hands of humans.


Why you should implement RADAR CRM?


Automation and integrations are one of the biggest and most valuable components built right into RADAR CRM. We believe in a logical and structured approach to minimising human administration, giving back our users time to better invest elsewhere in their business.

Our unique approach overcomes automation and integration requirements by:

  1. Saving time – get back hours of time lost in manually entering data across your various systems with RADAR’s ‘if this > then that’ style automation logic that will update fields, produce reports, schedule activities and trigger notifications automatically all on the back of a single prior event action.

  2. Accurate data – improve the quality and consistency of your data points by steering the way data is entered and manipulated within the system. Pop-up workflow forms can be used to collect and edit records – dynamically changing the options presented to your team as they make entries step by step through the process.

  3. Up to date – keep all of your various systems and applications up to date with our integration through Zapier. Simply update or edit a record in RADAR – immediately follows a sequence of automated events that can push data held within RADAR CRM to thousands of other applications. Examples include, pushing time or financial figures into your accounting package to raise an invoice or exporting report data straight into a spreadsheet file – live, with no fuss and no human intervention.

  4. Processes – RADAR CRM can be tailored to structure workflows around your policies and processes. Lock out deviation and human error by steering your team through pre-defined logic rules within the system.


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