Map your Processes

We'll help you to identify and map what your team's do, why and how they do it.

Align Technology

We'll advise you on the ways & means that technology can blend into your workflow.

Better use of Resources

By letting technology take care of the heavy lifting, you'll get far more from your human resources.

System Personalisation

With your blueprint in hand, you'll benefit from tailoring a system to exactly what you need.

Your comprehensive business process map.

Expert guidance.

Walking you through the mapping of the practical processes that underpin your business - not just how you do things right now, but how you SHOULD be doing things in the most efficient way.

Get more for less.

By visualising the adjustments you can make to the allocation of your resources, you'll be able to better use your people in places where they deliver the most value.

Align technology & systems.

Whether you already have a system, or are looking to procure or develop a new one; benefit from the ability of identifying exactly what you need out of a system, with a shaped in a structure & language that technical people understand.

Yours to tweak.

Get a digital copy of your process map, which is yours to keep and continue to refine as your business grows & develops (no special software required!).

We will come to visit you and spend an average of 4-5 hours working with your management team to explore the lifecycle of your business processes from ‘cradle to grave’.

Our team will then take the paper-based process that we map out with you, away to develop into a digitised version that we can share with you.

During the session (and in our follow-up handover) we will guide you through opportunities to align technology to the way that you work. Spot paths where, with the right implementation of technology, your process burden can be lightened and made far more efficient.


£750 /ex VAT

for your personalised business blueprint.