Keep your organisations and contacts super organised, and be right on top of all of your sales opportunities. Strict data controls and logical workflow processes that Hubspot CRM misses keep you flying on course.


Guide your prospects through an automated journey of sequenced marketing activities via email and social media. Unlike Hubspot CRM, you'll never miss an opportunity with automatic notifications & follow-up activities.


Better manage your service requests, account management and client communication with workflow driven automated processes tailored to the workflow of your business; a key feature missing in Hubspot CRM.


Clear and organised project, task and time management to keep your team accountable and delivery on-track. Unlike Hubspot CRM, you'll never miss logging & accounting for your time with automated timesheets.

Your comprehensive alternative to Hubspot CRM.

Win more business.

RADAR CRM, unlike most others, is more than just a place to store your data. Active workflows with your business logic built right in, automates vital process steps for you, such as the triggering of follow-up emails to prospects, determining the lead score, or the scheduling of callbacks.

Automated personalised outreach

Engage prospects with personalised email contact, triggered by any one of a number of logic steps being met, such as a link click or a date setting.

Seamless follow-ups

Never let a lead slip through the cracks again, with automated post-call activities, such as callback setting and transactional email sending.

Data integrity rules

Control the way your data is entered with step by step forms with in-built logic that maintains accuracy, and removes the likelihood for misinformation.

On-screen script tracks

Arm your team with on-screen call scripts and paths that adapt dynamically to each record or campaign message.

Guide your prospects.

Create and cadence a series of any number of automated marketing campaign activities via email, social and phone. Transition prospects from one campaign to another without any human intervention.

Define your own campaigns

Easily create and schedule campaigns on intervals that best suit your message. Such as; day 1 – email > day 7 – call > day 12 – social.

Track the activity

Track the engagement by each prospect. Automatically trigger a series of follow-up actions based on each individual prospect’s activity.

Dynamic campaign rules

Automatically transition prospects from campaign to campaign, by pre-determined logic rules to define who should receive which campaign message.

Analyse the results

Dashboard widgets allow you to view the performance of your campaigns against one another, with the ability to drill-down into the data.

Deliver service excellence.

Get your support or customer service ticketing organised, structured and backed by powerful automation built around your business processes.

Automatic dynamic action

The in-built text parser within RADAR CRM will do away with the need to manually triage your inbound service requests, automatically assigning inbound emails against the right ticket type, and more.

Follow-on triggers

Cut red-tape and repetitive tasks by relying on automated workflow activities on the back of your service ticket actions, tailored to your business processes.

Cross-module activities

If a service request within your business workflow demands attention from sales, or has implications on projects; you can rely on RADAR CRM to link-up activities for you automatically across the relevant system modules.

All in one place

Keep all of your data and activities with your customers, suppliers and partners in one place.

Slick project management.

Gone are the days of missing project updates, task time not getting logged or proof & review processes not getting followed. Projects inside RADAR CRM will keep you on-track.

Permission-based logic

Never let a task slip past a review or approval process step; Lock your users within their permission-grade by restricting the steps they can take within their assigned tasks.

Timesheets and reminders

If the measurement or billing of time is important to your business, you can monitor and prompt your team to log their time against their tasks and projects, which compile into their timesheet record.

Automatic email prompts

Automatically issue reminders by email, whether a task is overdue, requires approval or is re-assigned between team members.

Project dashboards

Easily view lists of tasks together on a sortable, searchable dashboard view for easy project management.

Encompassing the features missing from Hubspot CRM.


On-screen pop up workflows

Bring process and structure to the way your team enter data and make updates to contacts, opportunities, tasks or projects. Keep your team on-process, maintain the integrity of your data and trigger automated processes.

True personalisation

Benefit from a system that is personalised to you, but without the heavy price tag. Go above and beyond nearly all other CRM platforms in personalising the terminology and automation workflow processes that drive your business.

Sales, Marketing, Service and Projects

A complete suite of services to meet all of your operational needs across Sales CRM, Marketing Automation, Service CRM and Projects - personalised to you and all within a cost effective price point.

Cost effective

With a broad-range of modules, RADAR CRM has a very cost effective price point for small to medium enterprises. Allowing businesses to punch well above their weight, across their whole business with the right automated tool.

Hubspot CRM.

On-screen pop up workflows

Hubspot CRM like most CRMs, forces you to enter data in a random order - increasing the margin for human error and processes to be avoided. A lack of a sequenced workflow hinders your ability to trigger the right automation.

True personalisation

Hubspot CRM has a vanilla format that requires you to work your terminology and processes around. With such a system like Hubspot CRM, you will never achieve the comfort of having a system that truly works the way you need.

Marketing, Service CRM and Projects

Hubspot CRM is very limited for its price point - excluding the ability for you to bring together your marketing, service and project functions into the same structured, fully automated ecosystem.

Cost effective

Hubspot CRM is an expensive solution for small to medium enterprises that are looking for a comprehensive solution. You will be forced to integrate with further software services to achieve the one goal.

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Your cost effective alternative to Hubspot CRM.

Flying solo?

Single User Plan

Punch well above your weight as a freelancer or solopreneur business with a complete suite of powerful, automated sales, marketing, service and project tools.

Sales CRM


Marketing Automation


Service CRM




No feature limitations or restrictions. No complications.


Subject to VAT (if applicable).

For more details please see our standard terms.

Got a team?

Multi-User Plan

Empower your team with a full suite of comprehensive business tools to grow sales, build your brand, manage your customers and excel in delivering projects.

Sales CRM


Marketing Automation


Service CRM



£16/user, month

No feature limitations or restrictions. No complications.

Minimum 5 users required.

Subject to VAT (if applicable).

For more details please see our standard terms.

Need a bit more oomph?

Power User Plan

A whole world of customisation elements to provide you with your own personalised system, without the price tag.

All of the features from the other plans, plus…

Onboarding support


Workflow automation customisation


Business process mapping


Custom feature support

from £35/user, month

No feature limitations or restrictions. No complications.

Minimum 5 users required.

Subject to VAT (if applicable).

For more details please see our standard terms.

Why did a marketing agency build their own CRM & Marketing Automation platform?

Built by those in the know.

RADAR is not just another CRM. Built by the team at Wingman, RADAR has been developed from the ground-up to suit the successful delivery of personalised, automated, well-cadenced marketing & sales outreach campaigns; alongside structured proactive client delivery and project management.

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Most other systems are missing fundamental features. How is RADAR different?


Find most systems miss a fully joined-up approach? Letting opportunities slip through the cracks?


With RADAR, we took a rigid approach; building automated process steps to suit your business workflow. The integrity of your data and business processes are maintained, RADAR CRM controls the order, format and steps taken by your users when inputting data – whether updating a sales opportunity, creating a new project or logging time against a task.


Confused or frustrated by the cost or sheer complexity of some CRMs pricing models?


We were too. So we decided to take a straight-forward, flexible model based on the number of people you need to access a CRM. Each of our plans allow you and your team access to all of the features and functionality of our CRM, without any hidden surprises or restrictions.


Stuck working the way your CRM provider decided you should work? Don’t let your system hold you back.


RADAR has been built to work around you. During your onboarding process, our team will map and custom build workflow automation to your business process. Whether that’s for sales, projects or service ticketing – you are able to collect, store, manage and trigger activities from your data in a way that suits.

Data Integrity

Very frustrating when your data always ends up in a mess, isn’t it? Most systems won’t help.


We feel your pain! To maintain the integrity of your data set, whether that’s fields of contact information or the status of a task for example, you can dictate how data is input, in which order and dynamically change the options presented to your users based on their prior inputs. Keeping your data clean, organised and valuable.

Fly your business on course with the help of RADAR CRM.

See how RADAR can be tailored to your business.

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